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“Gippy Grewal Denies Friendship with Salman Khan After Lawrence Bishnoi’s Attack on Canada Home”

Gippy Grewal Disassociates from Salman Khan after Lawrence Bishnoi's Alleged Attack on Canada Home

After a recent claim by gangster Lawrence Bishnoi linking him to the attack on Gippy Grewal’s residence in Canada, Punjabi actor Gippy Grewal has asserted that he holds no close ties with Salman Khan, clarifying his limited interactions with the Bollywood superstar. The incident has sparked concerns over safety, leaving Grewal bewildered and seeking answers.

Amidst revelations made by gangster Lawrence Bishnoi asserting his involvement in the shooting outside Gippy Grewal’s Vancouver home, the Punjabi artist has addressed the matter, emphasizing his distant relationship with Salman Khan. In an interview with News18, Gippy Grewal clarified that despite limited encounters, there exists no substantial association or friendship with the Bollywood icon, dispelling any potential misconception regarding their connection.

Gippy recounted his encounters with Salman Khan, highlighting two instances: once during the trailer launch of his film ‘Punjabi Maujaan Hi Maujaan’ earlier this year and previously on the sets of ‘Bigg Boss.’ Expressing shock and bewilderment over the incident, Grewal emphasized that the perceived anger directed towards him in connection with Salman Khan is inexplicable and overwhelming.

The shooting incident, which occurred around 12:30 am to 1 am, has raised concerns about Gippy Grewal’s safety, prompting worry among social media users. While Gippy remains puzzled by the motives behind the attack, he affirmed his lack of animosity towards anyone, expressing astonishment at being embroiled in such controversy for the first time.

Meanwhile, Lawrence Bishnoi, in a Facebook post, addressed Gippy Grewal and issued a cryptic message seemingly alluding to Salman Khan’s alleged association with the actor. Salman Khan’s response to the incident remains pending, while in a separate development earlier this year, security around Salman Khan’s residence was heightened following threats received by his personal assistant, attributed to gangster Lawrence Bishnoi.

This recent incident has resurfaced previous controversies, notably Lawrence Bishnoi’s earlier statements regarding Salman Khan’s alleged involvement in the blackbuck poaching case from 1998 during the filming of ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain.’ The case has long remained in legal limbo, with Lawrence Bishnoi previously expressing discontent and issuing threats against the Bollywood star.

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