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“From Bangalore to the World: The Rise of Shihan Dr. Karate A.P. Srinath”

"Shihan Dr. Karate A.P. Srinath: A Remarkable Journey in Martial Arts and Yoga"

In the dynamic world of martial arts and yoga, Shihan Dr. Karate A.P. Srinath stands out as an illustrious figure. With four Guinness World Records in yoga and three world records in karate, he has redefined the limits of physical and mental achievement. Born on November 17, 1975, in Bangalore, India, to A.K. Prabhakar Sharma, Srinath’s journey through the realms of martial arts and yoga has been nothing short of remarkable.

From an early age, Srinath exhibited a deep passion for martial arts. He dabbled in various languages, becoming proficient in Kannada, English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil, showcasing his linguistic versatility. His educational journey led him to attain a Bachelor’s degree (B.A), while his heart was fully invested in the art of Shotokan Karate.

Srinath’s dedication and unwavering commitment to Shotokan Karate are evident in his impressive credentials. He boasts a 5th DAN (Degree) Black belt in Shotokan and holds the same rank from the Karate Association of India (KAI) and the World Karate Federation (WKF). With over 30 years of experience, dating back to 1992, Srinath has left an indelible mark on the martial arts community. He is not just a practitioner but a true ambassador of the art.

Srinath’s influence extends beyond his achievements in martial arts. He serves as the Chairman of the World Martial Shotokan Karate-Do Federation and holds the esteemed position of Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) at the Indian Sports Wing (ISW). His role at ISW underscores his commitment to promoting sports and fitness throughout India.

Srinath’s list of awards and honors reads like a tribute to his dedication and contributions to martial arts and more. Notable among his accolades are:

Bharatha Rathna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Award – 2018

5 Times Karate World Record Holder

4 Times Guinness Book of World Record Holder

Kannada Rathna Awardee – 2018

Qualified WKF Coach, Asian Karate Coach, Asian Karate Judge & National Karate Referee

Contributions and Organizations

Shihan Dr. Karate A.P. Srinath’s role as the Founder and Chief Examiner of Genjitsu Shotokan Karate Do International India reflects his commitment to passing on his knowledge. He is not just a practitioner but a mentor, shaping the future of martial arts.

His credentials extend to being a qualified WKF Coach, Asian Karate Coach, Asian Karate Judge, and a national certified kata-kumite coach. Srinath’s influence goes beyond martial arts as he founded the Karnataka Youth Welfare Association, recognized by the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India.

A member of the Asian Karate Federation and the World Karate Federation, Srinath has been a driving force behind organizing four State-level Open Karate Championships between 2011 and 2016. As the first Professional Certified National/Asian Coach from Karnataka, he has developed expertise in Karate and specializes in courses for Men and Women’s Self-Defense.

Srinath’s contributions extend well beyond the borders of India. He holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Jerusalem and has earned a doctorate in Karate from the Academy of Global Peace University, USA. His accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, as he was honored with the International Goldstar award in the USA in 2018 and the Man of Asia award from the Global Achiever Council.

Shihan Dr. Karate A.P. Srinath’s journey is one of inspiration, dedication, and remarkable achievement. His name has become synonymous with records, accolades, and unwavering passion for martial arts and yoga. As an ambassador for these disciplines, he has set new standards and serves as a beacon of hope for those aspiring to reach new heights. Beyond the records, beyond the accolades, Shihan Dr. Karate A.P. Srinath is a living testament to the incredible possibilities of the human spirit.

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