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“Empowering Brand Professionals: Insights from Brand Research Council “

"Empowering Tomorrow's Brand Leaders: Brand Research Council Mission"

The Brand Scientist – Brand Research Council, established on July 11, 2018, in Delhi, India, is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing brand marketing research and innovation. Founded by The Brand Scientist, this organization is at the forefront of enhancing branding and marketing through detailed research, setting guidelines, and strategic planning. It offers various programs aimed at maintaining high standards in brand growth and effectiveness.

In today’s highly competitive market, brands struggle to grab people’s attention, stand out from competitors, and build strong relationships with their customers. Brand and marketing professionals are at the center of this struggle, working to understand customer behavior, create engaging brand stories, and implement effective marketing strategies.

The Brand Scientist – Brand Research Council stands out as a key source of support and empowerment for these professionals. As India’s leading independent non-profit organization focused on brand marketing research and innovation, the council is dedicated to helping brands grow, promoting excellence in the industry, and providing professionals with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the constantly changing world of brand marketing.

The Brand Scientist is committed to helping brands grow through established standards, strategies, and innovative research. By using the latest market research, the council gives brand and marketing professionals the insights they need to develop strong brand strategies, engage customers, and achieve market success.

Additionally, The Brand Scientist offers a variety of training programs and certification courses led by experts to improve the skills and knowledge of professionals in different areas of brand marketing. Whether it’s the Brand Audit Program, Digital Marketing Program, or Brand Management Program, each initiative is designed to help professionals successfully navigate the complexities of modern brand marketing.

Key Programs and Initiatives:

Brand Audit: The Brand Scientist performs detailed reviews of brands to ensure they consistently reach high standards, looking at how brands are seen by people and how well they share their values and messages.

BS National Brand Rankings Program (NBRP): This program evaluates brands in India using a disciplined methodology, assessing them based on various parameters including Brand SOPs, Brand Guidelines, Brand Audit, Brand Policies, Brand Positioning, Brand Rules & Regulations, and Brand Strategy.

Brand Growth: The organization focuses on helping brands grow in a strong and consistent way, aiming to improve brands not only in size but also in quality, with clear rules and careful planning.

Brand Standards: The Brand Scientist and Brand Research Council work hard to make sure brands meet high standards, creating clear rules to ensure every brand they work with is of good quality and consistent.

Brand Policies: The Brand Scientist creates clear rules for how a brand should look and communicate, ensuring the brand’s identity and values are consistently represented.

Brand Guidelines: The organization provides straightforward and detailed guidelines for brands, helping them maintain a consistent look and feel across all touch points.

Brand SOPs: The Brand Scientist ensures all brand-related work sticks to certain rules and steps, known as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), to maintain consistency in the brand’s appearance and quality.

Brand Discipline: The organization stresses the importance of keeping a brand’s efforts unified and focused, ensuring everything aligns with its main goals and values.

Brand Strategy: The Brand Scientist plans a brand’s strategy by deciding on its unique traits, message, and desired image, ensuring the brand stands out and connects effectively with its audience.

Brand Planning: The organization helps brands map out their future by planning each step towards their goals, including launching new products or starting marketing campaigns.

Brand Positioning: The Brand Scientist focuses on making sure each brand finds its unique place in the market and people’s minds, highlighting what makes a brand stand out.

Brand Rules And Regulations: The organization establishes basic principles to ensure every action taken by a brand is wise and secure, maintaining reliability, consistency, and adherence to the brand’s values.

The Brand Scientist Brand Research Council plans to launch new programs in 2025 for experienced professionals aiming for higher positions such as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Brand Officer (CBO), Chief Corporate Communication Officer (CCCO), Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO), and Chief Digital Marketing Officer (CDMO).


The Brand Scientist aims to make brand marketing better through studies, teaching, and smart planning, providing people and groups with the tools and knowledge they need to grow their brands. They focus on setting top-notch standards and fresh ideas to improve the branding world.


The Brand Scientist – Brand Research Council significantly contributes to brand growth, recognition, and efficiency. It serves as a pivotal educational resource within India for those keen on mastering brand marketing, offering extensive research and learning opportunities.

Guiding Members to Success:

The Brand Scientist empowers brand marketing professionals by providing insights from market research and educational resources, playing a crucial role in all aspects of brand strategy.

A Comprehensive Platform:

The organization provides a comprehensive platform for a diverse audience, including students, professionals, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs, focused on global consumer trends and market changes.


Looking forward, the Brand Scientist (Brand Research Council) aims to continue revolutionizing brand marketing with its innovative research and educational initiatives, expanding their influence globally and setting new benchmarks in branding excellence.

If you want to improve your brand marketing skills, succeed in your career, and meet other professionals like you, The Brand Scientist has many programs and resources for you to check out. Visit the Brand Scientist’s website today to learn more and join the community of brand and marketing professionals who are shaping the future of the industry.

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