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Dr. Aalap Dewara: Crafting Musical Fusion and Inspiring Wellness

Dr. Aalap Dewara: Crafting Musical Fusion and Inspiring Wellness

New Delhi, September 20, 2023

In the vibrant tapestry of India’s music scene, few names shine as brilliantly as that of Dr. Aalap Dewara. This multifaceted artist has not only made a mark as a music composer, director, singer, lyricist, and music educationist but has also bridged the gap between traditional and contemporary music genres. Dr. Aalap’s journey is one of dedication, innovation, and the unwavering pursuit of musical excellence.

Dr. Aalap Dewara’s life is interwoven with the threads of music, thanks to his musical lineage. Born on July 1, 1984, in the culturally rich city of Ajmer, Rajasthan, India, he is the son of Mrs. Pushpa Dewara and Mr. D.C. Dewara, fondly known as ‘Suranganand.’ Mr. D.C. Dewara is a celebrated singer, artist, poet, and music director, whose influence played a pivotal role in shaping Aalap’s musical journey.

What makes Dr. Aalap Dewara’s story even more remarkable is that his entire family is deeply connected to music. His elder sister, Dr. Sharda Dewara, is a renowned Mand Gayika, while his elder brother, Alankar, is a dedicated music teacher. Even his younger sister, Mamta, has carved a niche for herself as a talented artist. This familial love for music and his father’s able guidance paved the way for Aalap’s musical odyssey, which began when he was just five years old.

His first guru was none other than his father, Mr. D.C. Dewara, a musician of great repute. Later, he honed his skills under the guidance of “Pro. Suman Yadav,” a renowned artist of the Gwalior Gharana. This early exposure to music and expert guidance laid the foundation for Aalap’s future musical endeavors.

Aalap Dewara’s musical journey continued to flourish as he moved through school and college. At a young age, he started composing music for school events and college performances. His talent and dedication were evident as he participated in National Level college competitions, winning numerous awards for ‘Best Singing’ from M.D.S. University and Rajasthan University.

Aalap’s relentless pursuit of excellence led him to pursue a Master’s degree in Indian Classical Music from Rajasthan University. His quest for musical knowledge extended beyond India as he completed initial grades from Trinity College, London, Board of the Trinity College of Music.

The pinnacle of his academic journey was reached when he was awarded a Ph.D. in Music by the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. His doctoral research, conducted under the guidance of Dr. Aarti Bhatt Tailang, focused on “Fusion done by Creative Musicians of Jaipur (Musical Analysis).” This research showcased his deep understanding of the intricate world of fusion music.

One of Dr. Aalap Dewara’s distinguishing features as a musician is his versatility. He is not only a prolific singer and composer but also a multi-instrumentalist. His mastery of various instruments adds depth and richness to his compositions, setting him apart as a true maestro.

His talent has been recognized by All India Radio and Doordarshan, where he serves as an approved artist and performs regularly. This platform has allowed him to reach a broader audience and share his musical prowess.

Dr. Aalap Dewara’s musical journey began at an early age when he composed his first song for a school competition. His passion for music led him to form a fusion band during his college days. This band performed at local gigs, small shows, and live performances, gradually gaining recognition.

However, it was his hit singles that catapulted him to stardom. Songs like “Saajnaa,” a Rajasthani Pop Song, and “Maahee Ve” garnered thousands of hits and downloads on the internet, solidifying his position as a contemporary music sensation.

In 2020, Aalap embarked on a unique initiative aimed at promoting mental and physical well-being through yoga. He composed a yoga anthem and fusion music, inspiring people to embrace yoga as a holistic health practice. What makes this initiative truly exceptional is its global reach. Aalap collaborated with yoga gurus from more than 20 countries, including the U.K., U.S., Austria, Germany, Brazil, and many more. This virtual convergence of yoga enthusiasts from around the world received widespread acclaim.

Aalap’s father, Shri D.C. Dewara, contributed to this initiative by creating a new musical instrument named YogiTara. The accompanying video, showcasing yoga enthusiasts practicing to Aalap’s fusion music, became a sensation on YouTube, resonating with viewers both in India and abroad.

Dr. Aalap Dewara’s contributions to music and education have garnered several prestigious awards and honors:

  • Asia Icon Award – 2022
  • National Inspiration Award – 2022
  • Award from Bharat Vikas Parishad for “SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT IN EDUCATION” etc.

His innovative digital learning tools and personalized music programs have transformed music education, making it more accessible and engaging for students.



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