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Discovery Hike: A Pahadi Saga of Emotion and Heredity Unfolds Across the Himalayas.

Discovery Hike: A Pahadi Saga of Emotion and Heredity Unfolds Across the Himalayas.

In the heart of the Har ki Dun valley, where the air is crisp and life unfolds in sync with the rhythm of nature, two mountain brothers, Sulakramji and Bahattarji, founders of Discovery Hike, embarked on a dream that spanned four decades. Their journey, an awe-inspiring blend of emotion and hereditary passion, has not only defied the conventional norms of adventure but has also etched a legacy that now stretches across the vast expanse of the Himalayas.

These professional mountaineers, hailing from the cultural hamlet of Osla inside the Govind Pashu Vihar National Park, have conquered the mighty Black Peak (6,387M) more than 10 times, all without the crutch of professional gear. Life in Osla is remote, disconnected from the digital world, and intimately connected with raw wildlife. A commutable road snakes its way from Sankri to this secluded haven, and in the yesteryears, the mere thought of such connectivity would have seemed implausible.

In the era preceding the digital revolution, Sulakramji and Bahattarji, nestled in the heart of Osla, would find themselves queuing at the local post office during May and June. However, their visits weren’t for financial transactions or familial correspondences; instead, they eagerly awaited inquiries from trekkers and expeditioners who sought confirmation of their adventure plans. The brothers meticulously sorted through letters, responding to the addresses that affirmed their clients’ commitment to exploring the uncharted trails of adventure.

For over two decades, Discovery Hike weathered the ebb and flow of the unpredictable Himalayan landscape, refusing to succumb to challenges. In the face of adversity, the family’s joint strength and the grace of Lord Shomeswara became pillars of support. Throughout the tumultuous journey, Sulakramji and Bahattarji ensured that their children received the education needed to carry forward the legacy of Discovery Hike.

Enter Ganga Singh, the younger son of Sulakramji, and Prakash, the eldest son of Bahattarji, both inheritors of not just the business but the innate skills and art of mountaineering. These young prodigies seamlessly stepped into their fathers’ shoes, organically expanding Discovery Hike’s influence across the entire Himalayan region, both within and beyond Uttarakhand.

As the sun sets behind the towering peaks, casting warm hues of orange and pink upon the rugged landscape, the legacy of Discovery Hike expands beyond the valleys of Uttarakhand. The story unfolds with Ganga Singh and Prakash, now seasoned mountaineers, shouldering the dreams of their fathers.

From being a dream tucked away in the quiet village of Osla, Discovery Hike has evolved into a journey that extends far beyond Uttarakhand. The tales of Sulakramji and Bahattarji have become echoes reverberating through the vast expanse of the Himalayas, reaching new heights and uncharted territories. In the heart of every expedition organized by Ganga Singh and Prakash lies not just the thrill of conquering summits, but a profound connection to the landscapes and communities they touch.

The once-silent mountains now resonate with the laughter of adventurers and the stories of each conquered peak. The legacy isn’t confined to thrill-seekers alone; it ripples through the communities along the trails. Local artisans find new markets for their crafts, and villages that were once tucked away now warmly welcome curious souls.

The adventure crafted by Discovery Hike transcends the mere challenges of the climb; it embodies the simplicity found in the heart of nature and the camaraderie built along the way. Each step taken by a trekker is a continuation of a story that originated with two brothers dreaming of the mountains.

As the company expands its horizons, the spirit of Discovery Hike remains grounded in the essence of adventure and the joy of discovery. The future whispers of more tales to be written, not just on mountain peaks but in the hearts of those who find solace and exhilaration in the vast landscapes. The legacy lives on, not only in the expeditions and treks but in the shared smiles, the awe-inspired gazes at nature’s wonders, and the bonds forged between kindred spirits on the trail.

In the simplicity of nature and the wide embrace of the mountains, the story of Discovery Hike continues, inviting all who seek adventure to be part of a tale that unfolds with every step. The tale is not merely written on mountain peaks; it is inscribed in the hearts of those who dare to traverse the mesmerizing landscapes crafted by Discovery Hike.



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