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“Digital Agency Schbang Issues Apology for Poonam Pandey’s Stunt, Cites Awareness Mission”

"Digital Agency Schbang Apologizes for Poonam Pandey's Controversial 'Fake Death' Stunt, Cites Awareness Mission"

In the midst of widespread outrage and criticism surrounding the recent “fake death” stunt orchestrated for model Poonam Pandey, digital agency Schbang has issued a “heartfelt apology.” The controversial campaign, aimed at raising awareness about cervical cancer, has sparked a heated debate on the ethical use of such tactics for promotional purposes.

In a statement posted on Instagram, Schbang acknowledged their involvement in the initiative to spread awareness about cervical cancer in collaboration with Hauterfly. The agency extended a sincere apology, particularly addressing those who have experienced or witnessed the challenges associated with cancer.

The statement reads, “Our actions were driven by a singular mission – to elevate awareness about Cervical Cancer. In 2022, India registered 123,907 Cervical Cancer cases and 77,348 deaths. After Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer is the second-most frequent malignancy affecting middle-aged women in India.”

The controversy unfolded on Friday when Poonam Pandey’s manager announced her death from cervical cancer, causing shock and disbelief among the public. However, Ms. Pandey later clarified on Instagram that the news of her death was false and revealed that the stunt was an unconventional attempt to initiate a conversation about cervical cancer.

“I am alive. I didn’t die of cervical cancer. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the hundreds and thousands of women who have lost their lives due to cervical cancer,” stated Ms. Pandey in her clarification.

Despite the purported awareness mission, Poonam Pandey’s actions have faced severe backlash on social media. Many users criticized her for resorting to extreme measures and accused her of “faking her death” for publicity. The incident has reignited discussions on the ethical boundaries of using sensationalized stunts for promoting social causes.

As the controversy unfolds, Schbang’s apology attempts to address the concerns raised by the public and emphasizes the agency’s commitment to promoting awareness about cervical cancer, albeit through a controversial means.

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