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“Destiny Unfolded: Top 12 Tarot Card Readers in 2024”

“Destiny Unfolded: Top 12 Tarot Card Readers in 2024”

From deciphering destiny to illuminating paths, these gifted individuals continue to enchant and guide with their intuitive prowess.

  1. Jinal Rajendra Joshi

Jinal Rajendra Joshi, a spiritual guide on a transformative journey for the past two years, is renowned as the “magick girl” among her clients. Certified in psychic tarot reading and crystal healing, her practice has bestowed renewed life and dreams upon many. Jinal, also a seasoned teacher for a decade, skillfully balances her educational role with her thriving healing sessions. Her expertise lies in chakra balancing, crystal manifestation, and accurate tarot readings. Surrounded by the unwavering support of her family and friends, Jinal attributes her success to the angelic blessings of her late grandmother and father, guiding her path with light.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/tarot_magick_girl?igsh=MTNsaXVid2JzMXhqaQ==

  1. Arjita Singh

Arjita Singh is a seasoned professional, adept in various mystical and spiritual practices. With expertise in Tarot reading, Numerology, Life Coaching, and spiritual guidance, she offers comprehensive support to individuals seeking clarity and personal growth. Through the ancient wisdom of Tarot, Arjita provides insightful interpretations for navigating life’s challenges. Her proficiency in Numerology allows her to decode the hidden messages within numbers, revealing profound insights into one’s life purpose and personality. As a dedicated Spiritual Master and Life Coach, Arjita is committed to empowering others on their spiritual and personal journeys, helping them unlock their highest potential and find fulfillment in life.

Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/arjitasinghh_spiritualist?igsh=MTY5am0xdmR4ZmxrbQ==

  1. Varnika Malkoti

Varnika Malkoti, hailing from Uttarakhand, is a seasoned tarot and oracle card reader with a master’s degree in clinical psychology. A dedicated social worker, she has seamlessly blended her psychological expertise with her passion for the occult since the age of 16. Professionally practicing tarot for three years, Varnika’s roots in divination extend to earlier days of offering insightful readings to friends and family. Firmly rooted in karma, she intertwines prayers as healing powers and utilizes crystals for holistic remedies. Varnika’s guidance extends beyond readings, incorporating numerology to unravel individual paths and facilitate manifestation. Her multifaceted approach reflects a deep devotion to both spiritual practices and the well-being of those she assists.

Instagram – https://instagram.com/mantrashakti?igshid=NGVhN2U2NjQ0Yg==

  1. Divya Jatolia

Divya Jatolia, a seasoned practitioner in the world of the occult, boasts an impressive journey spanning three years. With a diverse skill set that includes Tarot reading, Numerology, Angel Therapy, Reiki Healing, Money Reiki, and White Spell Casting, she has touched the lives of over 3000 clients. Her dedication and expertise have earned her prestigious accolades, such as the FSIA Award and the Sita Jyotish Award for the Best Tarot Reader in Delhi. Divya’s commitment to her craft and her remarkable ability to guide and heal through the mystical arts have solidified her reputation as a renowned and award-winning practitioner in the field of spirituality and well-being.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/divineloveforyou111?igsh=MXBydWgxYjB5dGkxYQ==

  1. Jinku Baruah

Jinku Baruah, a compassionate soul hailing from the enchanting city of Guwahati, embarked on a transformative journey into the realm of tarot in 2019. Having traversed the diverse landscapes of Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Haryana, and Rajasthan during a decade of study, Jinku found solace in tarot during a challenging phase. Motivated by personal trials, the decision to learn tarot unfolded organically, driven by a desire to guide others through life’s labyrinth. Armed with a rich arsenal of skills, including tarot reading, crystal healing, runes interpretation, numerology, spell casting, and motivational speaking, Jinku has touched the lives of over a thousand individuals in just 1.5 years. As a manifestation coach, Jinku endeavors to empower others towards a serene and fulfilled existence in the midst of life’s chaos.

Instagram :-https://instagram.com/tarotwithjinku?igshid=NGVhN2U2NjQ0Yg==

  1. Radhika Aggarwal

Radhika Aggarwal, a seasoned Tarot card reader with a 5-year journey, illuminates paths globally through an intuitive blend of wisdom. Touching over 100 lives, she channels cosmic energies, offering profound insights and transcending predictions. Beyond guiding destinies, Radhika’s mission delves into mental health, unearthing sustainable solutions. Her transformative readings become beacons of enlightenment, fostering healing and understanding. With a commitment to unveiling celestial influences and a holistic approach to empowerment, Radhika Aggarwal invites individuals on a profound expedition of self-discovery through the transformative power of Tarot.

Instagram – https://instagram.com/tarotwithradhika?igshid=YzAwZjE1ZTI0Zg==

  1. Neha Agarwal

Neha Agarwal, a multifaceted healer with over 21 years of experience, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Global Business Management from IIM-Calcutta (2000-2003). As a Reiki Grandmaster, Hypnotherapist, and past life regression therapist, Neha combines diverse skills in Lama Fera, Aakashic record reading, and Usui/Karuna Reiki. Her offerings extend to Tarot card readings, numerology, and expertise in Dowser. Certified by the Ministry of Aayush, she is a Yoga and Meditation teacher, guiding individuals in positive self-talk, affirmations, and mind programming.Neha’s courses encompass REIKI (Level 1-5), Lama Fera (1-2), Yoga & Meditation, and Tarot reading. She excels in aura cleansing, uplifting energy levels, and age regression. Additionally, her skills include chakra balancing, diet counseling, and crystal healing. Neha welcomes seekers to experience divine guidance through her contact at +919871166686 or agarwal.neha85@gmail.com. Connect with her on social media @agarwalneha85 for insights into a holistic approach to well-being and spiritual growth.

  1. Dhruvika Pandey

Dhruvika, a seasoned practitioner with over 9 years of expertise, boasts a client base of 30k+ worldwide. Holding an MBA from IIM, she skillfully balances her role at an MNC with her profound abilities as a Tarot Card Reader, numerologist, and manifestation coach. Her proficiency extends to spell casting, offering guidance on relationships, marriage, career, and personal growth. Dhruvika’s intuitive prowess, complemented by Pendulum Dowsing, unlocks deep insights for clients. With a compassionate demeanor, she creates a safe space for exploration. Trusted and sought-after, her years of dedication in the psychic realm make Dhruvika an invaluable guide in the intricate world of divination.

Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/druvikastroworld?igsh=MTRubGpzMDU4bWJnMA==

  1. Suhana Jadhav

Suhana Jadhav, a professional tarot card reader, is renowned for her intuitive psychic and astrological abilities. As a kinnar, she believes her spiritual gifts are a divine blessing, enabling her to assist those in need effectively. Suhana’s spellwork, healings, blessings, and dua are imbued with a powerful efficacy, consistently delivering positive outcomes for her clients. With a success rate of 101%, she has garnered a reputation for her unparalleled accuracy and compassionate guidance. Suhana’s unique blend of mystical expertise and empathetic approach continues to touch the lives of many, offering hope, clarity, and transformation.

Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/tarotworld4you?igsh=eWdoZ2p1amo0NG40

  1. Pooja SM

Pooja S M is a seasoned clairvoyant and intuitive tarot reader with a passion for helping individuals gain profound insights into their lives. Her expertise extends beyond tarot, encompassing certifications in Reiki, pendulum reading, Crystal healing, and Candle healing. With a deep devotion to Bhagvan Vishnu, Pooja’s mission is to bring clarity and positivity into the lives of people worldwide. Her specialization lies in love and relationship readings, a skill that has garnered her a dedicated global clientele. Pooja’s commitment to her clients and her dedication to her craft make her a trusted guide on the path to understanding and enlightenment.

Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/shreeharihanumanguidancetarot?igsh=MW9wa3l6enZheHZlcg==

  1. Mmoumitaa Nayak

Mmoumitaa Nayak, a multifaceted healer and spiritual guide, is the CEO of Hecate Blessings, where she intertwines various ancient healing modalities. From discovering Reiki in 2016 to becoming a certified Reiki & Lama Fere Grand Master, her journey has been transformative. By combining Reiki, Lama Fere Healing, Angel & Crystal Healing, Wiccan, Hoodoo & Tantrik practices, Pendulum Dousing, Tibetan Singing Bowls, numerology, astrology, Tarot & Spirit card reading, and Vastu Shastra, she offers holistic solutions to navigate life’s challenges. Her expertise extends to overcoming Vastu Dosha, ensuring a harmonious environment for her clients’ well-being.


  1. Sakshi Jadwani

Sakshi Jadwani, a seasoned tarot card reader and Manifestation coach, boasts four years of experience in guiding over 800 individuals towards self-discovery and empowerment. Founder of RatnaSheel, her business epitomizes providing individuals with invaluable guidance to realize their worth and tread the right path. Beyond tarot sessions, Sakshi conducts private coaching sessions, specializing in emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation. Her multifaceted approach encompasses diverse programs aimed at nurturing personal growth and enlightenment. With a profound commitment to empowering others, Sakshi’s journey epitomizes the fusion of spiritual insight and practical wisdom in the realm of beauty and self-discovery.

Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/ratnasheelwithsakshi?igsh=MTNxdHYxbmQ2d203dQ==



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