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Deepak Yadav: A Beacon of Cybersecurity Wisdom Empowering Students in Agra

In the dynamic city of Agra, Cyber Deepak Yadav, a BSc student, cybersecurity professional, and a skilled photographer and videographer, has become a prominent figure, not only for his diverse talents but also for his commitment to cybersecurity education. As the founder of Squad Photography, Deepak captures moments through his lens, and his YouTube channel showcases insightful biography videos of renowned personalities from across the globe.

Recently, Deepak Yadav collaborated with the Journey to Roots NGO in conjunction with Army School Agra and BP Vidyapeeth School Agra to conduct a comprehensive cybersecurity session. The impact of this initiative is palpable, with Deepak successfully training 170+ students (from class 8 to 12) and 25+ teaching staff.

The session covered vital topics that are crucial for navigating the digital landscape safely:

  • Basics Tips for Safe Social Media Usage: Deepak shared practical tips to ensure safe navigation through social media platforms, emphasizing the importance of privacy settings and responsible sharing.
  • AI-Based Fraud: Delving into the realm of artificial intelligence, Deepak educated the participants on potential threats associated with AI and how to stay vigilant against AI-based fraud.
  • Avoiding OTP Sharing: Stressing the importance of never sharing One-Time Passwords (OTPs) and recognizing the significance of these codes in securing digital transactions.
  • Verifying Website Legitimacy: Deepak elucidated on distinguishing between legitimate and fake websites, guiding the audience on how to verify the authenticity of websites before sharing sensitive information.
  • Understanding Digital Footprints: Explaining the concept of digital footprints, Deepak highlighted the lasting impact of online activities and the need for responsible digital behavior.

The impact of the cybersecurity workshop was acknowledged by Kavita Dubey, the Principal of BP Vidyapeeth, who expressed her appreciation for the initiative. Recognizing the importance of cybersecurity education for both students and teaching staff, Kavita Dubey’s words underscored the positive influence of such workshops on the school community.

Deepak Yadav’s multifaceted approach, combining his expertise in cybersecurity with his creative pursuits, has proven to be a winning formula in delivering engaging and informative sessions. As Agra’s students and educators become better equipped to navigate the digital realm securely, Deepak’s efforts stand as a testament to the power of knowledge and collaboration in building a safer online environment.

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