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Chasing Dreams and Writing Success: Meet Jyotirmayee Panda.

Born and raised in Odisha, Miss. Jyotirmayee Panda is a Computer Lecture by profession and a writer with motivational speaker by passion. She always tries to be strongest girl and want to write deep thoughts and impressions of her mind on paper to make them visualize to the world. Her dreams want to tough the high heels of success and wants to fly in the sky as a birds dancing to express her positive virtues of happiness.
Q/A Round With Jyotirmayee
Q.1) How would you define success in your life ?
Ans:- I am nothing as I am today or even now, I have a lot more to do which is possible with everyone’s blessings, However, if such great success has been achieved within a short period of time, then it can only be defined by dedication and God’s guidance in my life ।
Q.2) How do you spend your free time at home?
Ans:- Basically I am a student, also have computer lecture in OCA institute for part time, after spending time in all these, now slowly moving towards motivational & Jagannath poetry channel and writing. Thanks to God’s blessings and people’s support, I became popular in a very short time and received many certificates, award ,prize money, trophy, medal . So coming to this point, let me say that since I am involved in writing and these other sector, it is only natural that I spend my time with it. If it comes to interest, I like to write motivational articles for my YouTube channel “JJ Motivation” which has become very popular in a short time . Along with some new craft , handmade designs and small painting Interest remains . In all this, I don’t know when my free time is spent at home ।
Q.3) What is one accomplishment you are most proud of ?
Ans:- I am very happy to take the decision to embark on this journey of writing in my life with God’s guidance and everyone’s blessings, which has given me a lot of respect and prestige. For which I am somewhat proud of today ।
Q.4) What’s your biggest insecurity & achievement in life right now and Why ?
Ans:- If I talk about insecurity in life and success then two are my writing career, insecure because no one is ever permanent in this career, even more beautiful writers than us are flourishing every day. So, to stay here forever, you have to keep some of your innovations. And the success is due to the fact that in such a short period of time, as much popularity, as much respect and discussion has become possible only with this writer’s career ।



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