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Building Empires: The Entrepreneurial Pursuits of Dr. Girish and Mittcons Solutions, a beacon of innovation.

Building Empires: The Entrepreneurial Pursuits of Dr. Girish and Mittcons Solutions, a beacon of innovation.

Mittcons Solutions stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a range of services across multiple domains. Hompure Group, a subsidiary of Mittcons Solutions, specializes in organic foods, promoting healthier lifestyles and sustainable agriculture. Adfcbank provides finance Services like Loans and provides all company insurance in single platforms. Lackpay is a financial technology company that specializes in financial services. Shipacko provides artificial intelligence services. Helperjoy also connotes appreciating the work someone does, which is a lot more respectful to the service provider. Antiquejet provides new antique pieces. Cashinback is an Online Shopping Community website where you can find the Best Deals, Top Deals online, coupons & discounts for a wide range of products. Klopmy Company specialized in the online retailing of men’s and women’s garments and accessories. Rentocs is an online rental solution for your furnishing needs. Titmax provides kitchen accessories at. Macqui caters to the Spare parts industry, offering top-notch products and services to meet the evolving needs of the sector. wroxen provides innovative solutions in the form of Electronic gadgets revolutionizing the Electronics gadget industry. Dr Girish is also the owner of Wired Holdings LLC, SGM REVOLUTION, JAI MVD ENTERPRISES, JMC PROMOTERS, and SOFTONE CAPITAL Company. An Incredible Journey of a True Visionary who recently made it to India‚Äôs 40 Under 40 Brightest Business Leaders.

At the core of Mittcons Solutions’ success is its ability to provide cutting-edge information technology solutions, campaign analytics, and business consultancy services. Driven by innovation, the company has established itself as a pioneer in these domains, delivering impactful solutions and driving digital transformation. Dr. Girish Mittal, a self-made millionaire, and esteemed entrepreneur, has carved a remarkable path in the business world as the founder of Mittcons Solutions. With offices in Punjab, Australia, Estonia, Dubai, and England, Mittcons Solutions has emerged as a leading player in various industries. Dr Girish Mittal is also planning to organize a digital reality show which promotes startups in India… dr Girish Mittal is also the owner of Girish associates law firm. Dr. Girish Mittal is also the owner of eduold Immigration. He has also a member of an international counselor.

At the young age of 27, Dr. Girish Mittal has already made significant strides in the business landscape. In addition, Dr. Mittal has invested in 50 online businesses directly associated with education, service sectors, and several other industries. He has been recognized as a youth icon, receiving the prestigious Asian Entrepreneur Award 2021 and the Global Change Maker Award 2020, among others global pride awards 2021 and also India icon award.dr girish Mittal is also the youngest Indian to travel expensive short tourist trips and also do costly dinners in Dubai. Due to covid19 dr girish Mittal also get a certificate from the world health organization. He has also provided advice to the Indian government regarding policy frameworks

Dr. Girish Mittal’s extensive portfolio extends beyond his entrepreneurial ventures. He serves as the director of the Council for Space and Earth Science think tank, where his insights contribute to the development of impactful Space and earth science policies. Driven by his passion for technology, he established an artificial intelligence lab, leveraging cutting-edge advancements to drive innovation in various sectors. As a member of the International Investor Council, Dr. Mittal continues to make strategic investments that fuel economic growth and foster technological advancements. Dr Girish Mittal is also a member of the Faridkot Disha Committee. He is also a member of the United Nations youth council. Dr Girish Mittal is also a member of the American & Australian Bar Council.Dr Girish Mittal was appointed trade commissioner of India Africa Business Council-the Gambia. He is also a member of the International Arbitrator Council. Dr Girish Mittal is elected president of the International Pacific Sports Federation dr. Girish Mittal has also received a Covid hero award during Covid time. Dr Girish Mittal has also received a world record award in the category of traveling youngest India which has travelled to more than 50 countries under the age of 22. Dr Girish Mittal is also the owner of digital reality shows which are working for different sectors like comedy, hidden talent, dance-show, startup shows, and child activity. Dr Girish Mittal is also a member of India Europe business wing and quality council of India. Dr Girish is well educated like Mba, Ph.D., and diploma in import-export, and also completed a diploma in intellectual Indies.  And also do 30 digital courses from Harvard and Stanford University. Dr Girish Mittal has also completed a post-graduation diploma in company law. He is also completed LLB and LLM in investment law. He completed a diploma in arbitration. He has also completed human rights law. Dr Girish Mittal has also completed a diploma in business and a diploma in public relations

Notably, Dr. Girish Mittal’s influence reaches the world of sports as well. He is the proud owner of Team Capital in the Digital Premier League and a Cricket Team, demonstrating his commitment to supporting and nurturing talent across diverse 2022 due to the reason network, dr girish Mittal has become a self-made millionaire. Due to the ownership of many companies, he is very close to becoming a billionaire. But the special thing about Dr Girish Mittal is living a very simple life because he believes to live a simple life with high thinking and also believe live with family also.Dr Girish Mittal is also an advisor of saarc cci and also the quad chamber of Commerce. He is also the vice chairman of the international human Rights Council. At the age of 19 Dr Girish Mittal has also written three books: Make money online, make money with websites, negative thoughts remove, and also written Hindi articles about business and also motivation which is published in Hindi newspapers and magazines. . In the age of 18 Dr Girish Mittal also made a social media website which is selling at the age of 20 to American investors.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Mittal has also ventured into the realm of philanthropy. He operates an India Foundation Trust which is dedicated to providing free food and education while championing human rights causes. This commitment to making a positive impact on society aligns with his vision of creating a better world. Dr girish mittal is also a Make ngo save entrepreneur who is working for the save of businessmen in India.Dr girish mittal is also the owner of eduold company which is providing free skill education to poor people. He is also the owner of Pilmart Company which are provide spiritual energy and is directly attached to god. He is also Medwoe Company that provides free medical guidance and also organizes events like blood donation and also free lab tests. He is also chairman of cohelp ngo which is working for the environment also. Dr Girish mittal also represents Google crowdsource in Punjab. Dr Girish Mittal is also the first Indian which is participating in the World block chain summit in 2020. He is also the owner of Clueflix Company which are provide a stage for startups and also proving inspirational stories at. Dr Girish Mittal is also the owner of trip mid company which are giving guidance about traveling at a cheap rate. Dr Girish Mittal is believed in triple e means education, experience and experiment. Dr Girish Mittal has also a lot of technical gadgets and also so much costly shoes and also clothes and also slippers which one piece price around 2 lakh. Dr Girish mittal is also Govt Contractor.dr girish mittal is also features lots of business and travel magazines. He has also worked to launch new books which are related to business and success.



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