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“BTS’s Jungkook Surprises Fans with Bam’s Instagram Debut, Amasses Over 2.5 Million Followers: ‘The Youngest Member is Back'”

BTS's Jungkook Makes a Heartwarming Return on Instagram Through Beloved Pet Bam

In a heartwarming turn of events, BTS’s Jungkook surprised fans by rejoining Instagram, albeit not in the way many expected. Instead of creating a personal account, Jungkook introduced Bam’s Instagram debut, showcasing his beloved furry companion to the world.

The K-pop sensation had previously deactivated his personal Instagram account to focus on fan interactions through Weverse while fulfilling his mandatory military service in South Korea. However, on April 14th, Jungkook made a delightful comeback by launching a brand new account dedicated to his adorable dog Bam.

Expressing his joy on Weverse, Jungkook shared, “I can’t brag about anything right now so I’m going to brag about my baby. Have a fun ‘night’ from now on, @bowwow_bam.” This announcement led to a swift surge in followers, with Bam’s account surpassing 2.6 million followers within hours of its creation.

What sets Bam’s Instagram apart is the open comment section, allowing fans to engage directly and leave their heartfelt messages. Managed under the username @bowwow_bam, the account is affectionately titled ‘Bam’s dad,’ hinting at Jungkook’s close bond with his furry friend.

The Instagram feed is already filled with endearing moments captured between Jungkook and Bam, from playful antics to heartwarming cuddles. One particular video, where Jungkook is seen with Bam without revealing his face, sparked speculations about a possible break from military service, leading fans to trend ‘Jungkook came home’ on social media.

The anticipation for Jungkook’s return stems from his enlistment alongside BTS member Jimin, part of a buddy enlistment program. Their joint service sparked excitement for their eventual comeback, expected around June 2025.

Fans flooded social media with messages expressing their joy and longing for Jungkook’s presence, showcasing the immense love and support for both the artist and his furry companion.

Jungkook’s Instagram comeback through Bam’s account not only delighted fans but also highlighted the special bond between pet and owner, bringing moments of joy and warmth to the BTS fandom worldwide.

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