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“Box Office Triumph: ‘Dunki’ Continues Global Domination with ₹216.57 Crore Domestically and ₹436.40 Crore Worldwide”

Dunki Continues Box Office Triumph: Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Captivates Global Audiences

The relentless wave of triumph at the box office continues for Rajkumar Hirani’s much-awaited venture, “Dunki,” starring the iconic Shah Rukh Khan, marking his first-ever on-screen collaboration with Taapsee Pannu. As the film enters its 18th day since release on December 21, the box office numbers continue to soar, captivating Bollywood enthusiasts across the globe.

According to reports by Sacnilk, “Dunki” amassed a staggering ₹4.25 crore across all languages on its 18th day, adding to its domestic collection, which has now surged to a monumental ₹216.57 crore. The film’s captivating narrative, also featuring powerhouse performances by Boman Irani and Vicky Kaushal, has resonated profoundly with audiences, resulting in an extraordinary box office run domestically.

Not limited to the Indian market, “Dunki” has extended its mesmerizing appeal to international audiences, as affirmed by Red Chillies Entertainment. The global box office figures, recently shared on the production company’s official Instagram profile, reveal an impressive ₹436.40 crore amassed worldwide. In response to this overwhelming support, Red Chillies Entertainment posted on Instagram, urging fans to continue the journey with “Dunki” and book tickets to witness the magic on the big screen, accompanied by sparkling emojis to emphasize the film’s radiant success.

Taapsee Pannu, the female lead in “Dunki,” recently shared a delightful anecdote regarding her journey to securing the role. She expressed amusement at initially dismissing the rumors of her involvement in the film, stating, “Before Sir [Rajkumar Hirani] called me, there were rumors doing the rounds that I am being considered for the film, and just like any other rumor, I thought this isn’t possible.”

However, her disbelief turned into jubilation when she received the call from Rajkumar Hirani himself, confirming her participation in the project. Pannu humorously recounted this as the “only rumor that was good and turned out to be true.”

“Dunki,” jointly backed by Red Chillies Entertainment, JIO Studios, and Rajkumar Hirani Films, has not only demonstrated its box office prowess but also affirmed its place as a cinematic masterpiece embraced by audiences globally.

As the film continues to captivate hearts and command the box office, the saga of “Dunki” stands as a testament to the power of compelling storytelling and stellar performances.

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