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“Boney Kapoor Recounts Humorous Incident: His Mother’s Rakhi Request to Sridevi After Discovering Their Relationship”

Boney Kapoor's Candid Revelations: Sridevi, Family, and Personal Reflections

In a recent interview, renowned producer Boney Kapoor opened up about various aspects of his personal life, including his relationship with the late actor Sridevi and his family dynamics. The revelations shed light on intimate moments and challenges faced by Kapoor, providing a glimpse into his journey.

One of the notable revelations was Kapoor’s recounting of his mother’s reaction upon learning about his relationship with Sridevi. Kapoor shared that while his wife at the time, Mona, was aware of his feelings for Sridevi, it was his mother who discovered the depth of his emotions later. Kapoor humorously recalled an incident during Raksha Bandhan when his mother handed a puja plate with a rakhi to Sridevi, asking her to tie it on Kapoor’s wrist. This lighthearted gesture highlighted the evolving dynamics within Kapoor’s family during that period.

Kapoor’s relationship with his children, particularly his son Arjun Kapoor, was also a topic of discussion. Kapoor’s remarriage to Sridevi brought about a period of adjustment for his children from his previous marriage with Mona Shourie. Kapoor revealed that it took time for Arjun and his siblings to come to terms with the remarriage, expressing understanding of Arjun’s initial struggles with anger and frustration post-divorce.

On the professional front, Kapoor’s upcoming project “Maidaan” was mentioned. Starring Ajay Devgn in the lead role, “Maidaan” is a sports drama that has garnered attention for its promising cast and storyline. Kapoor’s involvement in the film as a co-producer reflects his ongoing commitment to bringing engaging narratives to the audience.

Overall, Kapoor’s candid revelations offered insights into the complexities of personal relationships, family dynamics, and the intersection of personal and professional life in the world of Bollywood. His openness in discussing these topics provides a deeper understanding of the man behind the successful producer persona.

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