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“Boney Kapoor Opens Up About Sridevi’s Tragic Death and Her Strict Diet”

Boney Kapoor Opens Up About Sridevi's Tragic Death and Her Strict Diet

In a candid interview with The New Indian, producer Boney Kapoor has finally shed light on the tragic demise of his beloved wife and superstar, Sridevi. The iconic actress passed away on February 24, 2018, in her hotel room in Dubai, succumbing to accidental drowning at the age of 54. Kapoor’s revelations provide a poignant glimpse into the circumstances surrounding her untimely death.

During the interview, Boney Kapoor discussed Sridevi’s commitment to a strict diet, a routine she rigorously followed. He also delved into the extensive interrogations and lie-detector test he underwent following her passing.

Kapoor shared, “It was not a natural death; it was an accidental death. I thought I would never speak about it because I spoke about it for almost 24-48 hours together when I was being investigated and interrogated, and that is how I got a clean chit from the Dubai police.” He explained that the Indian media’s relentless coverage had prompted the investigations, ultimately revealing that there was no foul play involved. “The report which came clearly stated that it was an accidental death by drowning.”

The producer also shed light on Sridevi’s dietary habits, noting that she experienced blackouts due to her strict no-salt diet. Despite medical advice to avoid an overly low-salt diet due to her low blood pressure, Sridevi persisted with this regimen at the time of her death.

“Our family physician always used to tell Sri (Sridevi), ‘Whenever you diet,’ because whenever she used to start a new film, she used to want to look good… She wanted to make sure that she is chiseled, in good shape,” Kapoor explained. “Since the time she was married to me, she has had blackouts on a couple of occasions. The doctor kept on telling her that you have a low bp issue, don’t stick to a severe diet where you avoid salt.”

Boney Kapoor also shared a touching anecdote about his conversation with south superstar Nagarjuna after Sridevi’s passing. Nagarjuna revealed that Sridevi had previously suffered a fall in the bathroom, resulting in broken teeth, due to her strict crash diet during one of her film shoots.

This interview provides an intimate glimpse into the complexities of Sridevi’s life, her dedication to her craft, and the health challenges she faced, adding depth to the enduring legacy of this beloved Bollywood icon.

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