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“Beyond Boundaries: Kennedy University of Baptist, Florida-USA Accredited Path to Global Learning”

"Double Degrees, Infinite Possibilities: Kennedy University of Baptist, Florida-USA Academic Enrichment"

In a bid to extend its educational excellence to the Indian subcontinent, Kennedy University of Baptist, situated in Florida, USA, is setting its sights on captivating minds in the region. The institution has received annual verification as a religious college from Florida Department of Education- Commission for Independent Education, signifying its commitment to academic integrity and quality.

Notably, the university holds accreditation from the prestigious International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE), a globally recognized accreditation system respected across diverse territories such as Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia and beyond. This accreditation underscores the institution’s dedication to meeting rigorous international standards, ensuring a world-class educational experience for its students. University is authorized to confer Bachelor, Master’s & Doctoral degrees in Faculty of Business Administration, Public Administration, Education, Media Communication, Social Work, Counseling, Human Arts & Theology.

Moreover, Kennedy University of Baptist stands out for its strategic alliances. Through partnerships with the University of Pacific and Azteca University, it offers a unique opportunity for students to pursue a double degree. This collaboration empowers students to diversify their academic pursuits by earning degrees from both Kennedy University of Baptist and its affiliated institutions, broadening their horizons in the academic realm.

With its robust accreditation, global affiliations, and commitment to academic excellence, Kennedy University of Baptist emerges as a beacon of quality education, providing students with not just knowledge but a gateway to a broader educational landscape.

As it extends its reach, the university aims to bring this wealth of educational opportunities to aspiring learners in India, inviting them to explore a world of possibilities and academic achievements at Kennedy University of Baptist.

Students can approach for admission in Kennedy University of Baptist for regular mode courses through its approved center in Mumbai M/s.Online Overseas Education Consultancy, Website: www.ooeconsultancy.com, Email: info@ooeconsultancy.com, Contact Details: +91-8655001122 and for only Honorary Doctorate degrees & International Cooperation through Email: usfindiateam@gmail.com, Contact Details: +91-9867702626.



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