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Ashneer Grover Under Fire for Forcing Comedian to Remove Roast Video

Ashneer Grover Faces Backlash for Forcing Comedian to Remove Roast Video

Ashneer Grover, the co-founder and former managing director of fintech startup BharatPe, known for his outspoken nature on Shark Tank India, has landed in yet another controversy. This time, he is under fire for allegedly pressuring comedian Aashish Solanki to remove a roast video that featured jokes about Grover’s contentious exit from BharatPe.

Grover, who became a household name for his blunt remarks on the first season of Shark Tank India, appeared on the popular comedy show ‘Pretty Good Roast’ hosted by Solanki. During the show, Solanki made jokes about Grover’s removal from BharatPe, a clip of which quickly gained traction on social media.

The comedian disclosed that Grover was unhappy with the jokes and requested that his segments be removed from the video. The situation escalated when Solanki received a legal notice demanding the entire episode be taken down. Unable to afford a legal battle, Solanki complied with the request.

“Friends, I have removed the Ep 5 of Pretty Good Roast. I don’t have money to fight the legal battle. I had spent all of it on the show,” Solanki shared in a post on his Instagram. “The response on previous episodes led us to believe our audience were ready for roast humor. However, it seems that some, especially those in power, are not quite there yet,” he added.

The incident has ignited a wave of criticism on social media, with users accusing Grover of “doglapan” (duplicity), a term he popularized during his time on Shark Tank India and later used as the title of his book ‘Doglapan: The Hard Truth about Life and Start-Ups’. Many social media users are calling out Grover for his actions, highlighting the irony of his criticism of others’ duplicity while allegedly engaging in similar behavior himself.

Following his departure from BharatPe, amid allegations of fund misappropriation, Grover transitioned to content creation. He has been active on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and podcasts, collaborating with various content creators. Grover has previously stated that he has earned more money through his content creation endeavors than during his entrepreneurial journey.

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