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Anusha Dandekar Denies Jason Shah’s Breakup Claims: “Everyone Wants to Use My Name”

Anusha Dandekar Denies Jason Shah's Breakup Claims: "Everyone Wants to Use My Name"

Actor Anusha Dandekar has recently addressed claims made by her former boyfriend, actor Jason Shah, regarding their breakup. Anusha, known for her candidness, expressed frustration over people using her name for publicity, emphasizing that she does not want to be in the headlines for past relationships or fake news.

In a recent development, Jason Shah, known for his role in “Heeramandi,” alleged that Anusha tried to fit him into a box during their relationship. Reacting to these claims, Anusha took to Instagram Stories to set the record straight. She posted a screenshot of articles speculating her participation in the upcoming reality show “Bigg Boss OTT 3,” hosted by Anil Kapoor.

Refuting the rumors, Anusha wrote, “At this point if you google my name, first it was me trying to fit someone in a box! Lies! And now this. Another lie! I’ve not spoken to anyone and they won’t even call me for this show coz they know my answer. I should be paid for the PR though.”

Anusha also pointed out how her name is being used for publicity, adding, “I like that everyone wants to use my name. I guess I should be flattered but how about you all start speaking some truths like how my film – ‘Juna Furniture’ – is on its 6th week in cinemas, almost 7th now, and what a great film it is! There are some facts! Go watch it.” Anusha and Jason reportedly ended their relationship in 2021 after dating for a brief period.

Jason Shah, in an interview with ETimes, shared his perspective on their breakup, stating, “I have had a spiritual change in my life since then, which has made me wiser. It was rushed. I didn’t really think about it. The other person didn’t really understand me, and I felt they were trying to make me fit in their box. And that is not going to happen, right?”

He further commented on the challenges of modern relationships, saying, “A huge problem with relationships today, and one of the main reasons for breakups and divorces, is that people don’t really listen to the other. They’re only trying to put forth what they feel. That’s the sad part. Only when you listen to what a person says, especially earlier on, that your relationship will last longer.”

Anusha Dandekar’s firm stance against the misuse of her name for publicity highlights the ongoing issue of privacy and misinformation in the public eye. As she continues to focus on her career, she urges the media and the public to shift their attention to her professional achievements rather than unfounded personal allegations.

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