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“Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Almost Being in Spider-Man 4 and Career Turns”

Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Missed Opportunity with Spider-Man 4 and Career Evolution

Anne Hathaway, renowned for her versatile roles, recently revealed insights into what could have been a pivotal moment in her career—her almost casting in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4. The project, anticipated by comic book enthusiasts, was set to feature Hathaway as Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, yet faced an untimely demise in 2010, leaving her part in limbo.

During an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Hathaway shared details about her involvement in the project, shedding light on the limited progress made before its cancellation. “I did not get into costume and did not read a script past the audition sides,” Hathaway disclosed. “I got the part, and, yeah, it just… I think that’s probably more the producers’ story to tell than mine should they ever decide to tell it.”

Reflecting on the evolving Spider-Man universe, Hathaway acknowledged its growth while downplaying her missed opportunity. Although she regretted not bringing Black Cat to life, Hathaway pointed out a significant turn her career took when she portrayed Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. She hinted that this opportunity might not have materialized had Spider-Man 4 proceeded. “That’s how I hold it,” she reflected. “The way I hold it is if that movie had gotten made, I don’t know if I would have been considered because I don’t know if (Nolan) would’ve said, ‘No, no, she’s occupied in another universe.'”

Looking ahead, Hathaway is engaged in diverse projects, including “Eileen,” set in 1960s New England, exploring prison dynamics. Additionally, she’s preparing for a romantic comedy, “She Came to Me,” and a role in the upcoming David Lowery film, “Mother Mary.”

In her graceful acknowledgment of the unpredictability of an actor’s journey, Hathaway emphasized resilience, stating, “The right role finds the right person, and sometimes it’s you and sometimes it’s not, so when it doesn’t happen just trust deeper and keep going. Just keep going.”

Hathaway’s candid revelation about the near-miss with Spider-Man 4 sheds light on the intricate paths actors navigate, highlighting the delicate balance between missed opportunities and career-defining roles.

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