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“Ankita Lokhande Appeals for Privacy Amidst Criticism of Relationship with Vicky Jain Post Bigg Boss 17”

Ankita Lokhande Urges Public to Respect Her Relationship with Vicky Jain Post Bigg Boss 17

Ankita Lokhande, renowned Indian actress, and her partner Vicky Jain have found themselves under the scrutiny of the public eye following their tumultuous stint on the reality show Bigg Boss 17. The couple, who entered the house together, were embroiled in numerous conflicts and verbal altercations during their time on the show, even going as far as discussing the prospect of divorce. Now, in a recent interview with News18, Lokhande has come forward to address the public perception surrounding their relationship post-Bigg Boss, urging people to refrain from passing judgment.

In her conversation with News18, Lokhande expressed her frustration with the incessant scrutiny and criticism directed towards her relationship with Jain. She emphasized that while they may have had disagreements and exchanged heated words during their time on the show, it does not define the strength of their bond. Lokhande stated, “We know what kind of relationship we share. We know our bond very well. There (Bigg Boss 17 house) I said certain things, he (Vicky Jain) said certain things. I don’t want people to judge us on that because I am not judging any relationship.”

Furthermore, Lokhande highlighted the normalcy of disagreements within relationships, asserting that they are not exempt from such conflicts. She urged the public to refrain from making unwarranted assumptions and derogatory comments about their relationship, emphasizing that their fights began and ended within the confines of the Bigg Boss house. Lokhande reiterated her plea for privacy and respect, stating, “Stop judging us, guys. Live your life the way you want to live and let us live our life.”

The actress’s candid remarks shed light on the challenges faced by individuals in the public eye and the undue scrutiny they endure. Lokhande’s plea for understanding and respect serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy and sensitivity in our interactions with public figures. As Lokhande and Jain navigate their relationship beyond the confines of reality television, their message resonates with many who value privacy and autonomy in matters of the heart.

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