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Amit Ravindernath Sharma Expresses Initial Doubts About Ajay Devgn’s Role in Maidaan

Amit Ravindernath Sharma Expresses Initial Doubts About Ajay Devgn's Role in Maidaan

In a recent revelation, filmmaker Amit Ravindernath Sharma shared his initial doubts about casting actor Ajay Devgn in the role of Syed Abdul Rahim in their upcoming film “Maidaan.” Despite apprehensions about Ajay’s image being associated with his iconic character Singham, Amit was impressed by Ajay’s transformation and dedication to portraying Syed Abdul Rahim authentically.

“Maidaan,” a film that celebrates the life of Syed Abdul Rahim and his significant contributions to Indian football, stars Ajay Devgn alongside Priyamani, Gajraj Rao, and Rudranil Ghosh in pivotal roles. Produced by Boney Kapoor, the movie showcases Ajay Devgn in a different light, shedding his signature style to embody the persona of Syed Abdul Rahim.

Speaking to, Amit Ravindernath Sharma recalled his initial concerns about Ajay Devgn’s casting, stating, “You build an image in your mind of an actor, and his image in my mind was of Singham. But he broke that. He would keep the stardom of Ajay Devgn outside the set. Once in, he would be Syed.”

Amit further elaborated on his impressions of Ajay during the narration and preparation process, highlighting Ajay’s willingness to embrace the character’s essence wholeheartedly. He mentioned how Ajay’s body language and demeanor shifted from his usual persona to that of Syed Abdul Rahim, showcasing a remarkable commitment to the role.

Regarding the collaboration and Ajay’s approach to the character, Amit remarked, “An actor would usually think about how he’s looking, check in the mirror if the clothes are fitting or not. But not Ajay, he never once asked about his physical appearance. He was completely on board with my ideas and vision of the character.”

“Maidaan,” with its ensemble cast and musical score by AR Rahman, faced challenges during production, including setbacks due to the COVID-19 lockdown and the destruction of the film set by Cyclone Tauktae. However, despite these hurdles, the film is now set to hit theaters in April 2024, promising a compelling cinematic experience for audiences eager to witness Ajay Devgn’s transformative performance as Syed Abdul Rahim.

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