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“Allu Arjun Declines Lucrative Brand Deals to Keep Pushpa Franchise Vice-Free”

"Allu Arjun Declines Lucrative Brand Deals to Keep Pushpa Franchise Vice-Free"

Allu Arjun, renowned for his portrayal as the rugged Pushpa Raj in the film series “Pushpa: The Rise” and “Pushpa: The Rule,” has drawn a principled line, refusing significant brand deals that endorse tobacco and liquor, aligning with his stance against promoting harmful habits.

Despite portraying a robust character on screen, Allu Arjun has consistently refrained from endorsing tobacco, pan, or liquor brands, maintaining a strict personal code against promoting such vices. According to reports by Gulte, the actor declined a substantial brand placement offer for his upcoming film “Pushpa: The Rule” due to its association with liquor and pan products.

The report delineates that a prominent liquor and pan brand sought to place its logo whenever the protagonist is depicted consuming these substances on screen, offering a staggering sum of ₹10 crore for the placement. However, Allu Arjun unequivocally rejected the offer, citing his discomfort with promoting brands associated with habits he does not endorse. His decision stems from a genuine concern about not influencing his fans to adopt harmful practices in their lives.

This isn’t the first instance where the actor has stood firm against such offers. Following the success of “Pushpa: The Rise,” Allu Arjun declined a significant offer from a tobacco company for a TV commercial, emphasizing his personal abstinence from tobacco and his unwillingness to encourage his fan base to indulge in such habits.

In a commendable move beyond his on-screen persona, Allu Arjun has actively advocated for environmental initiatives, particularly during the pandemic, encouraging his fans to plant more trees and gift saplings.

About the “Pushpa” franchise, directed by Sukumar, “Pushpa: The Rise” captivated audiences upon its release in multiple languages in December 2021. The film depicted the journey of Pushpa, a laborer who ascends to become a red sanders smuggler, encountering adversaries such as SP Bhanwar Singh Shekawat, portrayed by Fahadh Faasil. The sequel, “Pushpa: The Rule,” featuring Rashmika Mandanna reprising her role as Srivalli, is scheduled to hit screens in August 2024, promising to carry forward the riveting storyline.

Allu Arjun’s principled stance against promoting harmful habits within the cinematic space echoes his commitment to both his art and his responsibility towards his fan base, setting an example of integrity and conscientiousness in the entertainment industry.

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