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All you Need to know about Nitin Pandey – Cyber Crime Investigator and Trainer 

Nitin Pandey: A well known Cyber Security Professional from Uttar Pradesh, India

Nitin Pandey is a well-known cyber security professional who is now employed by the Uttar Pradesh Police as a senior cyber crime and intelligence consultant, as well as the CyberPeace Foundation’s Coordinator and Chief Trainer (North). A global speaker, security investigator,  instructor, penetration tester, and author, blogger with over a decade and a half of experience in cybersecurity. Knowledge of Ethical Hacking,  Dark Web, Cyber Threat Intelligence,  Cyber Terrorist activity, Security of Information, Cyber Crime Investigations, Social Networking Crime Investigation, Countering anti-national activities on social networks platforms, child security, cyber security, women safety, OSINT, fraudulent transactions and inquiries, anti-human trafficking techniques, sexual assault, and CSAM, which has been included in outcomes of numerous workshops, seminars, talks, and trainings between a variety of different audiences, including police departments, cyber cells, Intel agencies, colleges, universities, business events, workshops, and conferences.

He has over 13 years of expertise in the field of cyber security and works as a penetration tester and trainer. The fact that Nitin has presented countless workshops, seminars, talks, and trainings to a wide range of audiences, including colleges, businesses, industry meets, IT professionals, students, government officials, international and national conferences, is evidence of the widespread recognition of his expertise both in India and overseas. He has advanced and, in addition to constantly interacting with cables and keyboards, he has impacted a great number of lives.

Nitin gained widespread recognition for his outstanding leadership and execution of cyber security projects, speaks, opinions, and education in an array of industries that involve both private, public as well as government entities. Nitin Pandey, like other Cyber Security professionals, has expertise and can respond to any specifications for the penetration Testing, Cyber Crime Investigations, Incident Response, Incident Management, Security Audit, Human Trafficking, CSAM (Child Safety),  Crisis Management, Fraud Control, Wireless Security, Security Strategy, Network Penetration Testing, OSINT, and further on. He feels most at ease offering his skills to clients in these specific regions. Talking about new and emerging cyber security dangers, Nitin Pandey is additionally quite engaged in research. Nitin is frequently recognized in a range of journals and magazines, in addition to being inducted into the Hall of Fame of prominent companies like Dell, Google, Microsoft, and others for finding vulnerabilities in their databases and websites.



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