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Advocate Rishabh Gandhi: Pioneering Legal Excellence and Ethical Practice.

Advocate Rishabh Gandhi: Pioneering Legal Excellence and Ethical Practice.

Advocate Rishabh Gandhi, a luminary in India’s legal realm, stands as a testament to unwavering commitment, ethical practice, and a multifaceted persona. Born on the 10th of November, 1987, Mr. Gandhi’s journey from a former Trial Court Judge to an acclaimed Arbitrator and Mediator is marked with excellence and a profound dedication to justice.

Enrolled with the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa, Advocate Rishabh Gandhi’s legal prowess extends across various domains. Specializing in property matters, family disputes, corporate law, and the meticulous drafting of legal documents, he has become a trusted name in the legal fraternity.

Advocate Rishabh Gandhi’s repertoire of legal services encompasses a wide array of specializations. From handling divorce cases and property disputes to advising on trademark issues and venture capital transactions, his expertise spans the spectrum of legal needs.

A gold medalist from Pune University, Advocate Rishabh Gandhi’s academic journey is illustrious. His pursuit of legal knowledge led him to attain a Bachelor’s degree in Law, followed by Post Graduate Diplomas in IPR Laws and Cyber Laws. His scholarly pursuits have been recognized with a fellowship from the Maharashtra State Education Board.

Beyond his legal practice, Advocate Rishabh Gandhi is an academician at heart. He has served as a visiting professor at prestigious institutions such as ILS Law College Pune and D.E.S. (Fergusson) Law College, Pune. His passion for teaching extends to subjects like Law of Evidence, Constitutional Law, and Intellectual Property Rights.

Establishing Rishabh Gandhi and Advocates (RGAA) in 2009, Advocate Rishabh Gandhi has redefined legal consultancy and advisory services. The firm, ISO 9001:2015 certified, has garnered accolades such as the ‘Most Promising Corporate Legal Consultant’ award by Silicon India in 2018.

Empowering Minds and Communities

Under Advocate Rishabh Gandhi’s leadership, RGAA has ventured into pro bono legal services for marginalized communities. The firm’s commitment to societal responsibilities is evident through its active involvement in charity and community work.

RGAA offers a diverse range of legal services, including alternative dispute resolution, consumer law, corporate and commercial law, intellectual property rights, and real estate advisory. The firm’s comprehensive approach to legal solutions caters to a wide clientele, from multinational corporations to startups.

Advocate Rishabh Gandhi’s vision for RGAA extends beyond borders. The firm is poised to launch branches in metro cities and establish associations with law firms in Singapore and London. Plans for an Arbitration and Mediation Centre signal RGAA’s commitment to shaping a global legal landscape.

Acknowledging the evolving legal landscape, RGAA has embraced tech-enabled solutions. In an era dominated by AI-based legal portals, the firm stays ahead of the curve, ensuring clients receive efficient and effective legal counsel.

An Advisory for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Advocate Rishabh Gandhi’s advice for emerging entrepreneurs emphasizes the importance of legal compliance and ethical business practices. In a world where legal intricacies can make or break a startup, his guidance serves as a beacon of clarity.

Advocate Rishabh Gandhi’s journey, marked by legal excellence, ethical practice, and a commitment to societal welfare, exemplifies the essence of a modern legal luminary. His multifaceted persona, combined with RGAA’s comprehensive legal solutions, promises a brighter, more just future for all.

For more information and updates, visit www.rgaa.co.in or reach out to Advocate Rishabh Gandhi at rishabh@rgaa.co.in.



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