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Actor Tanuj Virwani and Fiance Tanya Jacob Plan Christmas-Themed Wedding in Lonavala

Actor Tanuj Virwani and Fiance Tanya Jacob Plan Intimate Christmas-Themed Wedding in Lonavala

The world of entertainment buzzes with excitement as actor Tanuj Virwani and his fiance, Tanya Jacob, gear up for their impending nuptials. Following their recent engagement, the couple is now deeply engrossed in wedding arrangements set to culminate in a picturesque ceremony.

According to an exclusive source, the duo is eagerly anticipating their big day, with preparations commencing immediately after their engagement. The families, equally thrilled about the union, are actively involved in the planning process.

Scheduled for later this month, the wedding will take place at the couple’s private estate nestled in the scenic beauty of Lonavala. Desiring an intimate celebration, Virwani and Jacob wish to share their special moment exclusively with close friends and family.

The insider divulged, “The wedding will be an intimate affair, limited to their inner circle. They aim to keep it low-key and cherished, with a focus solely on their nearest and dearest. The serene ambience of their farm in Lonavala provides the perfect backdrop for their heartfelt union.”

In line with their preference for simplicity and elegance, the couple has opted for a Christmas-themed celebration, resonating with the festive spirit of the season. The entire wedding setup will be adorned with decorations and hues reflecting the warmth and joy of Christmas.

“The couple envisions a beautiful and understated ceremony, aligning with the holiday spirit. Embracing the Xmas theme, every aspect of the wedding will exude the charm and essence of Christmas,” shared the source, hinting at the enchanting ambiance awaiting the attendees.

As the countdown begins to their much-anticipated day, Tanuj Virwani and Tanya Jacob stand poised to embark on a new chapter in their lives, wrapped in the enchantment of the holiday season and the promise of a joyous union amidst loved ones.

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