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Actor, Producer, & Casting Director ~ Mohd Talib.

Mohd Talib is an Actor, Producer & Casting director.

Mohd Talib is an Actor, Producer & Casting director.

Mohd Talib is an Actor, Producer & Casting director. Born on 15th December, at Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh to a typical Indian political family, graduated in medical site and once been a businessman in event management industries. Mohd Talib founded his own production house “Bouncer Production” with his brother Mohd Monish through which he produces his Reality show , series for his YouTube channel & Ott Platform “Bpflixtv”. He started modeling carrier with his first fashion show “uttar pradesh runway fashion week” which was released in his Production YouTube channel “Bouncer Production” and his Reality show “Seven Battle Star” and Work as casting director In movie “Attack movie” and most popular Webseries “Tvf Tripling”. Mohd Talib became an independent Actor , Producer & Casting director with his original Reality show “Seven Battle Star” and “Uttar Pradesh runway fashion week” which got a good response on YouTube & ott platform “Bpflixtv”. You can watch him on many streaming platforms.

Mohd Talib is an Actor, Producer & Casting director.

Height – 5,9
Hometown – Bareilly
Age – 24
Eyer colour – brown
Hair colour – black & brown.
Affair/Married – Single


Father – Hussain shah
Mother – humsheeran
Brother – Mohd Monish
Sister – Neha

Filmography –

  1. Attack (2022) – as a casting director.
  2. Pagalpanti(2019) – as an actor.
  3. Tvf tripling (2019)- as an actor.
  4. Seven battle star (2022) – as an producer , actor & casting director .
  5. Brahamastra part 1 – as an casting director.

Mohd Talib is an Actor, Producer & Casting director.

Trivia –

  1. Interest include creative writing, playing football and theatre.
  2. He began working as an actor , producer, Director in own project a reality show youth based – named is Seven Battle Star.
  3. Minored in theatre when he started work.
  4. Won the achiever of the year for Best actor Awards in 2019.
  5. Mohd Talib producing a A Reality show titled “Seven Battle Star” starring Allan bazil monterio ,directed by self. The film was eventually shelved due to financial reasons.
  6. In his interview, Mohd Talib confessed that he has a hard time getting out of the skin of his characters while he’s shooting a movie. He said, “I asked my parents, ‘What changes about me?’ they said, ‘What doesn’t change? The way you walk, the way you talk, what you eat, even your temperament changes.


I always wanted to be an actor ever since I was a little kid. I knew that I had to do something related to performing arts and I enjoyed acting the most as it incorporated so many different art forms. I must say, I was a very filmy kid. I used to watch a lot of TV and get very influenced by Bollywood & Hollywood.



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