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Actor Kamal Sadanah Opens Up About Tragic Family Incident and Survival

Actor Kamal Sadanah Opens Up About Tragic Family Incident and Survival

Renowned actor Kamal Sadanah, known for his notable roles in films like “Bekhudi,” “Baali Umar Ko Salaam,” and “Angaara,” recently shared a heart-wrenching account of a family tragedy that shook his life. In a candid interview with Siddharth Kannan, Kamal revealed the harrowing details of the incident where his father, Brij Sadanah, tragically took the lives of his sister Namrata and their mother, Sayeeda Khan, before ending his own life.

The interview delved into Kamal’s memories of that fateful day, where he not only witnessed the loss of his loved ones but also survived a gunshot himself. Kamal emotionally expressed, “It is traumatic. To see your family being killed in front of your eyes is… I was also shot. I had a bullet go from one side of my neck and come out from the other side. I have survived there. And there is no reason. There is no logical reason for me to survive.”

Recalling the moments after the shooting, Kamal recounted how he rushed his bleeding mother and sister to the hospital, unaware that he had been shot too until doctors discovered the bullet wound. He shared the painful experience of carrying his injured family members and the shocking realization of his own injuries amid the chaos.

Despite the immense tragedy, Kamal Sadanah reflected on how he chooses to live without hatred in his heart, emphasizing the importance of moving forward despite life’s hardships. He acknowledged the support of friends and family, mentioning how his birthday, once a day of sorrow, has gradually become a time for small celebrations with loved ones.

On a professional note, Kamal Sadanah was last seen in the 2023 film “Pippa,” showcasing his resilience and dedication to both personal and professional aspects of his life. His story serves as a reminder of strength and perseverance in the face of unimaginable challenges.

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