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Ugly Brawl Breaks Out Between India, Nepal Players Minutes after Sunil Chhetri’s Goal in SAFF Championships

In a dramatic turn of events during the SAFF Championships, an ugly brawl broke out between players from India and Nepal shortly after India's captain, Sunil Chhetri, scored a crucial goal, securing a spot for India in the semi-finals of the tournament. The heated incident mirrored similar scenes from their previous match against Pakistan, once again adding a contentious edge to the game.

Sandhu Jaurewala: Unleashing the Musical Legend with His Upcoming Album “Legend Killer”

Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing tunes and soulful melodies as Sandhu Jaurewala, the Punjabi singer and musician, gears up to release his highly anticipated album "Legend Killer." With five captivating songs on the horizon, Sandhu Jaurewala is ready to take the music industry by storm. Follow him on Instagram @sandhu_jaurewala to stay updated with the latest news and releases.

Government Introduces Time-of-Day Tariff: Power Costs to Vary During Solar and Peak Hours

In a significant development aimed at promoting renewable energy usage, the Indian government has announced new amendments to the electricity rules, introducing a time-of-day tariff system. According to the Ministry of Power, this system will result in a reduction of power tariffs by up to 20% during solar hours, while tariffs will see an increase of up to 20% during peak night hours.

Nikhil Tripathi: The Visionary Founder Revolutionizing Agricultural Commodity Trading with Bijak.

Meet Nikhil Tripathi, the Co-founder of Bijak, a B2B trading platform that aims to transform agricultural commodity trading in India. Backed by marquee global investors, Bijak, led by Nikhil, has rapidly gained traction by addressing pain points and fostering transparency in the industry.

“Majority Is Not Always Right” Says Ace Face Reader & Digital Coach Gaurav Dwivedi

It is common for people working in private jobs to switch from job to business, but it is not so common for people working in government jobs as officers to break the comfort zone loop and establish a business from ground zero. This is the story of an ace face reader and leading digital coach, Gaurav Dwivedi. Famous for his Motivational workshops, Gaurav now also helps people in setting up an online business from scratch and live a life of freedom.

 RG Wealth : Empowering Financial Freedom under the Leadership of Rohit Garg

 RG Wealth , a prominent financial services company, has been transforming the lives of its clients for over a decade. With a dedicated focus on understanding and fulfilling the unique financial needs of individuals, RG Wealth has emerged as a trusted partner in their journey towards financial freedom. At the helm of this remarkable organization is Rohit Garg, the Managing Director, whose visionary leadership has been instrumental in shaping RG Wealth's success.

Arrest Made in CoWIN Data Leak Case; Sensitive Information Exposed

In a significant development following recent reports of a data leak in India's CoWIN portal, the Delhi Police Special Cell's Intelligence Fusion & Strategic Operations (IFFSO) unit has made an arrest in Bihar. The apprehended individual is suspected of being responsible for leaking sensitive personal information of politicians, bureaucrats, and others on the social media platform Telegram.

Creating Impact through Community Building: Meet Dheeraj Sachdeva, The Growth Hacker.

Discover how Dheeraj Sachdeva, an MBA graduate and retail industry expert, is revolutionizing the retail landscape through his community-building initiative, Retail Reinvent, and his digital marketing agency, DigiArigato. Learn how his expertise and customized growth hacking strategies are helping job seekers and small retailers thrive in the digital age.

Amaan Khan: From College Dropout to Social Entrepreneur and Founder of India’s First Modern CSC.

Amaan Khan has emerged as a symbol of inspiration and social change. Despite facing numerous obstacles and setbacks, Amaan has risen above his circumstances and made a significant impact on his community. From being a college dropout to becoming a successful entrepreneur and founder of India's first modern Common Service Center (CSC), Amaan's journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and a passion for public service.

Police have no Jurisdiction no jurisdiction to freeze Bank Accounts by the way of summons u/s 91 crpc without any judicial order : –...

Explore the significance of judicial orders in freezing bank accounts under Section 91 of the CrPC. Understand the role of police jurisdiction, the need for legal reforms, and the advocacy of Advocate Haziq Zaman. Learn how awareness and training can strengthen the framework and protect individual rights in the process
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