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Simran Singh: The Young Entrepreneur Making Waves in Influencer Marketing

Simran Singh is a name that has been making waves in the influencer marketing industry. After graduating with a BCA degree, she stepped into the world of advertising and marketing and started her own agency, Brandlytical Media, in the year 2020. Simran's agency helps clients promote their products through influencer marketing, providing them with effective solutions and strategies for marketing campaigns.

Meet Miss S. Sandhya, The Yoga Champion Spreading Health and Wellness.

Miss S. Sandhya is a name that has become synonymous with excellence in the field of Yoga. Born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, India, she has been practicing Yoga since the age of 10. With over 8 years of experience as a Yoga trainer, Miss Sandhya has won many national and international accolades for her exceptional skills and dedication towards the ancient art of Yoga.

From Runway Model to Entrepreneur: The Inspiring Journey of Nisha Guelis.

Nisha Guelis is a name that has made a significant mark in the fashion and beauty industry. Her journey from being a successful runway model to becoming a renowned entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring. Her passion for fashion and beauty, combined with her dedication and hard work, have made her a leading figure in the industry.

Revolutionizing Pet Care: How Young Entrepreneur Dhruvraj Sata is making a Difference

Dhruvraj Sata, the creator of the Pet Care app is very passionate about pet care and believes that dogs are a very important part of our lives. He understands the importance of providing dogs with the best possible care and is committed to making this easier for dog owners.

Dubai’s Youngest Rising Star: Aarna Chaudhary’s Ascent to Stardom.

At just eight years old, Dubai-based Aarna Chaudhary has already achieved what many people strive for their entire lives. She has become a successful model and actor, featuring in over 70 advertisements alongside celebrities such as John Cena, Preity Zinta, Ranveer Singh, MS Dhoni, and Chris Gayle. Despite her young age, Aarna has already established herself as an academic topper and a role model to many aspiring actors and models in the industry.

Ganesh Acharya, Sagar Das & Deepak Dobriyal At The MFCL Opening Event

As the cricket fever is always on the high in our country, we recently witnessed the choreographers of India getting hit by this fever too, the Indian film & television choreographer association started a charity event to support their senior members of the union called MFCL "Master Force Cricket League", the event took place on the 15th of April 2023. The opening day occasion was graced by non other than the supremely talented actor Deepak Dobriyal & Ace bollywood Choreographers Ganesh Acharya.

Success Comes to Those Who Never Fail to Plan: Dr Swapnil Tambe’s Journey to Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Swapnil Tambe is a visionary and a change-maker, the kind of person that the current society needs. He began his career in various verticals, experiencing significant ups and downs during his academic career. However, he remained focused and completed his Bachelor's degree before proceeding to complete his MBA in Marketing. He also has a distinguished qualification in the field of event management and has completed multiple certificates from special skill courses over the years. He has received an Honorary Doctorate for his exceptional work in Marketing and Leadership over his journey of 10+ Years.

“Unveiling the Soul: The Inspiring Journey of Sarah – Poetess, Author, and Mental Health Advocate”.

Sarah is an accomplished author, poetess, and communication specialist who has made a name for herself in the literary world. Her passion for writing began at an early age, and she has since published a collection of poems and a debut novel that have received critical acclaim.

Prosenjit Paul: The Youngest Digital Entrepreneur in Kolkata Changing the Game with Grow2Web.

Meet Prosenjit Paul, the youngest digital entrepreneur in Kolkata, who is making a mark in the digital world with his company Grow2Web. At the age of just 22, Prosenjit is a well-known name in the digital marketing industry, providing 360° digital marketing solutions to his clients.

“Aditya Mandan: The Para-Powerlifter and Founder of Stentor”

Aditya Mandan is not just another para-powerlifter who has won several awards at the district, state, and national level. He is a symbol of grit, determination, and inspiration. Despite being born with spina bifida myelomeningocele, which has left him paralyzed below the waist, Aditya has refused to let his medical condition dictate the course of his life. Instead, he has embraced his disability and used it as a strength to inspire others to overcome their own limitations and reach for the stars.
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