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Renu Kadyan, President of Bhagat Singh Foundation, a truly inspiration for the world.

Renu Kadyan’s Journey from a middle class family to being Bhagat Singh Foundation President: India has always been a country of different cultures, often labelled as a combination of several cultures, has been influenced by a history that is several millennia old, beginning with the Indus Valley Civilization and other early cultural areas.

Young Actor, Sanchit Saran, is Making His Way to the Top of the Film Industry

The young Sanchit Saran Actor, fashion model, artist, social media influencer and also a software engineer and creative soul believes that Acting & fashion is something that can become a language for a person's personality

6 International Actors Casted in Creative audios.in Podcast Show’s Audio Drama  ‘Prisoner’s Daughter’ Releasing on 22nd May

Swathi, a teenage girl, is the protagonist of the story. Swathi discovers that her father is still alive and serving a long sentence in Viyoor Jail on a gorgeous day. Swathi's mother, Komal, has been waiting for Das, Swathi's father, to be released from prison. Komal isn't sure if her husband suspects her of infidelity, and she's also unaware of her daughter's shady behavior.

Pro Muscle Science™️ India’s most trusted health supplement brand.

Pro Muscle Science is a brand recognized by leading nutritionists in the industry. We are the brainchild of thorough research and natural ingredients. Our diet affects the efficiency of all body parts along with overall wellbeing. The nutrients in our diet may not be enough to provide the right kind of fuel for daily functions.

Indian Canadian singer-songwriter Sabrina Sapal releases her single ‘Kiss Goodbye’ released by VEVO and TMC Records Worldwide.

Indian Canadian singer-songwriter Sabrina Sapal releases her single ‘Kiss Goodbye’ released by VEVO and TMC Records Worldwide. The song is written, produced, composed, and directed by Jasmine Kara. Sapal was the debut artist for the launch of TMC Records Worldwide. Sapal is the singer and is featured in the music video as the actress. ‘Kiss Goodbye’ is a heartbreak song made in the EDM genre appealing to the youth.

Meet Jayavardhini. S, young entrepreneur helping local business  turn into success stories

Jayavardhini. S is working tirelessly to structure people’s thoughts and superpowers as they struggle to make ends meet and fiercely create history in their own culture. Businesses hold no prejudices when it comes to creativity and new innovations. Several approaches taken by her has created strong waves in the business community thus laying a solid base of limitless 360.

Brijesh Mevada celebrating the journey of an undisputed artist

Brijesh Mevada was born in a small village called Sitana ta, Manavadar District at Junagadh, Gujarat. He was born with the passion to create exuberant art. His love for sketches was not a learned mechanism as he never had an opportunity to study a degree in fine arts. This was a found love and a hobby for Brijesh Mevada.

Smruti Pratik is an inspiration for several budding singers and dreamers

Smruti Pratik is a young Indian Singer, Lyricist, and a music composer born on 31th July 2000 in Dhenkanal, Odisha. His Father’s name is Haramohan Nayak & his mother’s name is Pranati Nayak. He has been very much interested in Singing since childhood. His biggest motivators are his mother his broth Er Kuldeep kaustuv along with his other family members and friends.

Mrs. Archana Dutta, Founder & CEO of SecondAct Shares Insights on determination to transform people live through her immaculate vision and Social works

Mrs. Archana Dutta in the Founder and CEO of SecondAct. Using valuable insights from her long journey in the travel and hospitality industry, Archana strives to assist individuals and firms in becoming the best versions of themselves.

Creating a positive impact on people’s lives through her knowledge and expertise in astrology is – Astro Shaliini Malhotra

Astrologer Shaliini Malhotra from Delhi, an eminent Vedic certified Vedic Astrologer and Crystal healer having 10 years of experience in the same field. She holds a degree in Astrology from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) Delhi Chapter and attained a gold medallist degree for the same. By providing people with complex life problem solutions, she is skilled in Astrology, Numerology, & crystal healing, Reiki Healing. She Provides Remedies Of All Kinds, And Practicing Sahajayoga Meditation For Years.
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