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YIFW Little Prince International India 2023, Rising Star: The Journey of Ishan M Anto – International Celebrity Kid Model.

In the realm of glamour and spotlight, where dreams take shape and aspirations touch the sky, stands a remarkable young talent, Ishan M Anto. Born in the picturesque city of Trivandrum, Ishan's journey from a modest beginning to becoming an international celebrity kid model is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

YIFW Mrs international India 2023 -Shilpa S: Crafting Unique Living Spaces – A Journey of Passion and Success.

In the vibrant city of Bangalore, where innovation and creativity thrive, resides a remarkable individual who has mastered the art of transforming spaces into living dreams. Shilpa S, a name synonymous with ingenious interior design, has been weaving magic with her creativity for over a decade.

YIFW Little princess international India 2023 – Sai Chedhaswi: A Little Star with Big Dreams – From Kerala to the World of Modelling.

In the heartwarming state of Kerala, amidst lush greenery and vibrant culture, a little star has emerged with dreams as vast as the open skies. Sai Chedhaswi, a name that exudes energy and promise, is a grade 2 student with a passion for modelling that is as captivating as the landscapes of her birthplace, Calicut.

YIFW Miss international India 2023- Embarking on Runways and Dreams: The Journey of Punyamrutha S Shetty.

In the enchanting city of Mysore, where history and modernity blend seamlessly, a young and vibrant personality has been making waves in the realm of fashion and glamour. Punyamrutha S Shetty, a name that resonates with grace, ambition, and potential, has been carving her path towards success in the world of modelling.

YIFW – Mr international India 2023 -Nithin K R: A Rising Star in Modeling with Global Aspirations

Meet Nithin K R, the accomplished Mr International India 2023 titleholder, who is pursuing his under graduation while aiming to establish a successful career in the professional modeling industry. Learn more about his aspirations and interests beyond the runway.

YIFW – Miss international fashion icon of India 2023 -Channagiri Nandhini: From Vijayawada to Global Spotlight – A Model, Actress, and Philanthropist.

Meet Channagiri Nandhini, a multi-talented achiever who has triumphed as Miss international fashion icon of India 2023, while also making her mark in the acting world. Discover her journey from Vijayawada to the heights of modeling, acting, and her philanthropic aspirations.

YIFW – Miss Teen international India 2023 -Alka Fathima: Embarking on a Journey from Kerala to the World of Glamour and Fashion

Meet Alka Fathima, a rising star from Kerala, Kollam, who has already achieved remarkable success in the modeling world, including being crowned Miss Teen International India 2023. Learn about her journey and aspirations.

YIFW – Mr teen International India 2023 -Shiny: From Fashion Runways to Astronomical Heights

Meet Shiny, a young talent who's already a winner in the world of fashion, a martial arts champion, and an aspiring actor, model, singer, doctor neurologist, scientist, and astronaut. Discover the journey and aspirations of this versatile achiever.

The Exploring Minds has announced the launch of the “EMPOWERING CHANGEMAKER AWARD.”

The Exploring Minds, in collaboration with The World Of My Thoughts and The Penning Horizon, is proud to announce the recipients of the prestigious "Empowering Changemaker Award." This prestigious award, supported by more than 20 prestigious media houses, recognises 40 outstanding individuals from all walks of life.

“One Piece Episode 1071’s Gear 5 Creates Anime History, Overwhelms Crunchyroll Servers: Fans Celebrate Epic Moment”

One Piece's latest episode featuring Gear 5 has caused a massive surge of excitement among fans, crashing Crunchyroll and other streaming sites due to overwhelming demand. Fans hail it as a significant moment in anime history, and despite the server issues, they express immense respect for the anime's popularity and impact on the global community.
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