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Anmol Sadarangani: Redefining the Word “Entrepreneurship’

Anmol Sadarangani is one of the most recognizable faces in all of digital marketing. He is already a popular name and a leading entrepreneur within the world of digital marketing in India; he has experience of working with the top-most companies around the world and his work experience has helped him gain detailed knowledge of digital marketing tools. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Digital World Innovations Anmol Sadarangani is a serial entrepreneur and a digital marketing expert. He has helped 800+ brands, Celebrities, and Influencers build brand awareness and their digital presence. Because of his knowledge and his diligence, he has been able to grow his own business

The Shotgun Wedding: Write-Side of the story by Suchandra Roychowdhury

Suchandra Roychowdhury is a Singapore based author of Indian origin, known for her bestselling debut novel The Shotgun Wedding: Write-side of the story. The ebb and surge of life comprises of stories, some told, some untold. The journey itself is multidimensional, a feast of sensations, a deluge of emotions, woven with intricate threads of reality, ambition, love, frustration, betrayal; you really have to be on the write-side of the story to fathom out just which strand can be drawn out into a narrative you would dearly love to have an audience for!

Indian SMM Services – Quality & Cheapest SMM Panel in India

Indian SMM Services – Quality & Cheapest SMM Panel in India Boost your social media accounts across the most popular platforms with Indian SMM Services:...

SELF LOVE – Poetry book by brother sister duo

SELF LOVE - Poetry book by brother sister duo Self Love : Weave Your Own Fairytale, a poetry book authored by siblings Sneha Narayanan and...

Offering Franchises to Enrich Employment: LNP Mini Bank Providing Financial Services to You

Introducing Loud N Proud LNP small bank is a company that provides Banking Consultancy. It is a company that began with the goal of transforming innovative ideas into masterpieces .Through the Loud N Proud App, the brand aims to unite the masses and close access gaps to various financial services across India. The app offers rural citizens valuable digital financial and e-retail services such as cash deposits and Aadhaar-led withdrawals, mini ATMs, bill payments, loans, tours and travel, among others.


Three Rising Indian Female Writers - 2022 are ● Ayesha F Muskaan ● Tanu Grover ● Mayaa SH Let us know about each of them and read a magnificent write-up penned by them.

Five Established Indian Personalities Share Things They Learnt In 2022

And by reflecting on these successes, five established Indian personalities share things they learnt in 2022. The personalities we will feature today are Piyush Goel Ali Ashhar John Giftah Yashi Lath Ashwini Solanki

Innovative Kerala based Entrepreneur, Mr Safeer Najumudeen ignites new Economical and Technological revolution

Mr Safeer Najumudeen, a software engineer and ethical hacker turned entrepreneur began his entrepreneurial journey inspired by a simple thought that 'Why can't we build tech giants like Meta, Amazon, etc. from our state?'

Goutham Reddy Chencharapu, Founder of Hikey and AGA Marketing Solutions

Goutham Reddy Chencharapu is a certified public speaker, soft skills trainer, study skills trainer, career counsellor, journalist, anchor, business strategist, political analyst, Marketing Expert and Entrepreneur.

Introducing Saajan Joshi, a Composer, Singer, and Rapper

Saajan Joshi is a professional singer from Dehradun, India. The singer is known for his multi-talented vocals that make him stand out from other singers. In addition to singing well in different genres, Saajn Joshi has appeared on some albums and songs. Besides being a rapper, the singer is also a singer. In addition to composing and singing his own songs, the singer is also an independent artist. Aankhon me teri and Apsara are arrow official music albums sung and directed by Saajan Joshi.
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